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1ST TEDx Conference in Ionian Academy

Muses Corfu supports the 1st TEDx Conference in Ionian Academy at 18 May 2019. The theme of the conference was the different ways of approaching a situation and perception of reality. In order to explore these concerns, the term "PRISMA" was chosen as the theme of TEDxIonianUniversity, which can be attributed in a variety of ... read more

The amazing journey. Muses Corfu to Cocomat USA

It was the Summer of 2018, when the founder of Coco-Mat, Paul, while on the Coco-Mat bike tour in Corfu island, stumbled upon the Muses Corfu Concept store. This was the beginning of an incredible collaboration that came to life with the new Muses Corfu Pop-Up Space in @COCO-MAT store in Soho-New York. Muses Corfu is an inspirational ... read more

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