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Book: Surealism & Design Now



book: This concise, affordable and visually striking publication, accompanying the Objects of Desire exhibition at the Design Museum in London, aims to embody the inventiveness and boldness of Surrealism in its design and production.
Departing from the constraints of a traditional catalog, Surrealism and Design Now focuses on key themes and objects from the 2019–20 exhibition and expands upon them. It also contains the bulk of new objects and exhibits that are specific to the exhibition. The book is divided into five thematic chapters, each taking a notable object from the exhibition as its starting point. Commissioned essays by renowned writers, including Glenn Adamson and Susanna Brown, introduce each object and theme, followed by a richly illustrated series of plates. Each chapter concludes with interviews with a diverse range of designers and artists, from the Campana Brothers to Dunne & Raby, showing Surrealism’s enduring legacy and impact on contemporary design.



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