Welcome to Muses Corfu

Inspirational Greek Concept Store

Muses Corfu inspirational Greek concept store… is an idea that came to life in Corfu island.

A concept store that brings together tradition, culture, contemporary art and fashion , through the presentation of exceptional, refined and alternative Greek collections.


#GreekAesthetic: Home Décor and Accessories!

We’re a little finicky over here at the MUSES Corfu concept store— we want to surround ourselves with things that look good (exciting, fantastic, different) and travel with us throughout Greece all year long! Here, we’ve compiled all the home décor stories we’ve done in one handy post, whether you’re moving into a dorm room, … read more

#SummerMuse: Summer dresses that will accompany your walks from morning to night.

The right dress is undoubtedly a piece that can highlight your summer self, making your summer looks more charming. Accompanied by the right accessories, it can highlight your personal style and help your look to take off. Whether you take a walk in the city or enjoy your drink on a terrace overlooking the endless … read more

First we took Mnahattan then we take Berlin

From Corfu to New York, and now back to Europe, Muses Corfu introduces you the newest Pop-Up Space at Coco-Mat Berlin. This is the continuation of our collaboration with Coco-Mat Group , after the Pop-Up space in Coco-mat store in Soho-New York. Muses Corfu is an inspirational Greek Concept Store that brings together tradition, culture, … read more

1ST TEDx Conference in Ionian Academy

Muses Corfu supports the 1st TEDx Conference in Ionian Academy at 18 May 2019. The theme of the conference was the different ways of approaching a situation and perception of reality. In order to explore these concerns, the term "PRISMA" was chosen as the theme of TEDxIonianUniversity, which can be attributed in a variety of ... read more