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Nani Makani Fan Versailles

22NM06-00 Fan Versailles


Nani Makani , summer evenings in the luxurious garden of the Palace of Versailles, a portion of extravagance paired with a touch of shyness - embedded in soft gray, champagne and rosé.Our fan "Versailles" pays homage to the beginnings of haute couture - grandeur and coolness, charm and coquetry.A relief print in rich gold prevents a close look at the frivolity of the time and leaves room for imagination and individuality.It was not without reason that our fan "Versailles" was a star in the current season of "Emily in Paris" and Jean-Christophe Bouvet was also photographed privately, visibly enjoying his Gentle Breeze in style.

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Hand-sewn fan “Versailles”
Print effects, relief print
Colors gray, beige, rose
Frame made of certified water buffalo horn


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