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Postfolk Come, We Burn Daylight Towel

99PF37-00 RED


Postfolk our premium and innovative towel is lightweight, durable and made from refined cotton yarns with colored hand-stitched finishing for an extra note of luxury to attract that special one.Very soft for a sun kissed skin with a unique texture on the top side, fast drying and highly absorbent to adjust easily to any stylish appearance and tolerance to any summer condition.Digitally silk screened printed with hypoallergenic water based inks, bright, exuberant & eccentric colors, our towels get even better with time just like any big love.«Romeos & Juliettes» collection depicts Greek folk warriors and womens figure motifs found in decorative tapestries such as Karpathian style Stylomantila.Warriors and women included in a decorative tapestry, symbolize strength, passion, beauty, vigor, trust, roots, power, companionship & leadership. To empower these symbols of ancient wisdom we use unexpected color combinations.This collection is inspired from the famous Romeo & Juliette duet in the modern age where love has no labels and genders.

This is a collection for star crossed – lovers, and every day love warriors breaking all society barriers, reminding us that all we need is unconditional love.



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