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Callas Images Of a Legend



This special edition brings together photographs of Callas' legendary stage appearances, portraits, snapshots, press and private photographs. It can be viewed as an iconography of Callas, a unique phenomenon who was both a musical genius as well as a jet set personality - thirty years after her death, the fascination with Maria Callas (1923-1977) has become a personality cult. This is not a biography in the usual sense, but rather a psychological study of an extraordinary artist and of her dealings with the vagaries of publicity. The accompanying text deals on the one hand with the virtuosity of the "Voice of the Century" and, on the other hand, with the cult figure photographs. These images have been taken by both well-known and unknown photographers and have been selected from all stages of her life and from all over the world - thus making this volume a unique documentation of the Callas legend.

Attila Csampai, born in Budapest in 1949, is a musicologist and publicist based in Munich. He has published several opera and concert guides and has been the symphonic music editor at the Bayerischer Rundfunk since 1983.



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